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    We are launching Casa Tokiwa: Your shared house in Tokyo

    Japan Study Abroad Network by DEOW is excited to open its doors to international students with the brand-new shared house, Casa Tokiwa, located in the convenient Nakano district of Tokyo.

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    Scholarships for Studying in Japan

    If you've ever dreamed of studying in the Land of the Rising Sun and wondered how to fund this incredible adventure, the answer lies in scholarships. Let’s explore the various scholarships available...

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    Application Process

    You are thinking about studying in Japan and want to know how to apply for a school and student visa!

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    Financial Planning: The Guide

    Before you start packing your bags and brushing up on your kanji, let’s talk money. How much does it actually cost to study in Japan? Let’s break down the expenses and help you budget for the adventure of a lifetime.

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    What are the Japanese Language Tests? JLPT, EJU & more

    Learn what are the JLPT, EJU, J-Test, BJT, NAT-TEST and TOPJ, their uses and interesting facts about these Japanese proficiency tests

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    Documents you need to apply for a Student Visa in Japan

    These are the documents you need to provide for a student visa application. Make sure to meet all this requirements to start your process.

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