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We are launching Casa Tokiwa: Your shared house in Tokyo

Japan Study Abroad Network by DEOW is excited to open its doors to international students with the brand-new shared house, Casa Tokiwa, located in the convenient Nakano district of Tokyo. Casa Tokiwa is our first building designed specifically for students coming from abroad to study Japanese, attend college, or enjoy the world of Manga.    


At Casa Tokiwa, everything is brand new, from the building itself to the furniture inside. This significant investment by DEOW reflects our commitment to accommodating the growing number of international students in Japan.

Students come to Japan not only for their passion for the Japanese language but also for career and personal growth. The global influence of Anime and Manga has sparked interest among many, and Casa Tokiwa is here to cater to that enthusiasm. Beyond being a shared house, Casa Tokiwa is a haven for Manga enthusiasts worldwide.

We’re excited to announce that Manga short-term classes will also be held at Casa Tokiwa. If you’re planning to come to Japan to learn about Manga directly from authentic Mangaka, this is the perfect place for you.

  • One unique feature of Casa Tokiwa is our room naming system. Instead of numbers, rooms are named after famous Japanese Manga artists, adding a special touch to your stay.

Casa Tokiwa will be available from June 14th, 2024. If you’re planning to study in the Tokyo area, Casa Tokiwa is the perfect accommodation choice for you.

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