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Easiest Way To Find A Job In Japan

After graduating from university, you might go to your laptop and look for jobs in Japan in your field. You apply to those jobs that fit you perfectly, yet you don’t get hired. It seems impossible, and you feel hopeless, not understanding how all these other people can make it while you can’t. 

Finding the perfect path can be difficult for some people and quite simple for others. They want to go, work, and build a life in Japan. The problem most degree holders face is getting a job online to go to Japan.

“What is really going on with those foreigners who work and live in Japan if it is so difficult for me to even get a second interview?”

The answer is the infamous student visa.

Studying in Japan is not just about academics; the working aspect plays an important role in building a life there. It gives you a chance to find a job and stay in Japan.

 What Should I Study?

It is highly recommended to learn Japanese if your goals and plans involve living in Japan. The student visa allows you to study Japanese for 6 months up to 2 years, removing the significant obstacle of the language barrier.


With a student visa you can work 28 hours a week, allowing you to apply to the companies you admire, showing them your skills and your commitment to learning Japanese. This can open possibilities for them to sponsor you for a working visa.

 Why Should I?

Japanese companies can be old-fashioned; face-to-face interviews are still common and they also appreciate workers who can communicate freely in Japanese. You can apply to the few vacancies that require only English, but without this limitation, every job, location, and possibility is open to you.


Enrolling for 6 months at a Japanese language school will allow you to:

  • improve your Japanese skills
  • give you the chance to apply for jobs
  • attend interviews
  • start working
  • stay in Japan with a working visa


If you do not find the right job for you in this time span, you can always extend your student visa, keep learning Japanese, and continue searching for the perfect match.

Some benefits of a student visa in Japan

1. Access to the national health insurance

The premiums paid to the national health insurance are based on the previous year’s salary. However, as an international student, there is no previous year to calculate it from, so per month, you pay around 2,000 yen. This allows you to go to the doctor and pay 30% of the total cost, with your national health insurance covering the other 70% (applies also for medicine).


2. Working rights (part-time)


When the studies are less than 6 months, a tourist visa is required (some nationalities do not need a tourist visa), but there are no working rights. Only when your studies are for 6 months or more can a student visa be issued, and with it, working rights.

3. Cultural immersion


Living in Japan allows you to ensure that it is exactly as you imagined. Being surrounded by the culture, traditions, food, air, people, and everything else will reassure you that this is where you want to live. This is more important than you might imagine.

“What if I don’t like to study Japanese?”

For a comfortable life in Japan, you should learn the language. You might find people who never bothered to learn it, but they surely come across little obstacles daily. Besides, there are language schools that specialize in different fields.


After learning Japanese well, you can either enter the job market or further specialize your professional skills before joining the job market in Japan.

Experience your field from a Japanese language school

Let’s say your degree is in fashion and you are passionate about it. We can suggest you join a school where fashion electives are available while studying Japanese, or another school that is closely related to a fashion college. This way, after reaching the required level of Japanese, you can have a smooth transition.

To conclude…

You can see schools in Japan as the perfect tool to take the first step into your life in Japan. Make sure to get unbiased and professional advice, as there are many schools, and not all of them are suitable for everyone. It is important to choose wisely; this will make it easier for you later on.


Remember that our assistance is free of charge, at DEOW Japan we listen to your needs and find the perfect school for you!


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