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Application Process

Do you want to study in Japan but don´t know where to start from? Let´s do it together!


Step 1: Choose Your Program and School

First things first, you need to decide what and where you want to study. Japan offers a variety of programs, from language schools to universities with specialized courses.

  • Identify Your Goals: Are you looking to improve your Japanese language skills, or are you aiming for a degree in a specific field? Knowing your goals will help narrow down your choices.
  • Research Schools: Once you have a clear goal, research schools that offer programs aligned with your interests. Consider factors like location, reputation, and available courses.


Pro Tip: Check out university rankings and read student reviews to get a better sense of each institution.

Step 2: Understand the Application Process

Each school has its own application process, so make sure you understand what’s required for your chosen program.

  • Gather Necessary Documents: Typical documents include academic transcripts, recommendation letters, a personal statement, and proof of Japanese or English proficiency (depending on the language of instruction).

  • Application Deadlines: Mark the application deadlines on your calendar. Japanese schools often have different timelines compared to those in your home country.


Pro Tip: Start gathering your documents early to avoid last-minute stress.

Step 3: Budgeting and Financing

Studying abroad can be expensive, so it’s crucial to plan your finances.

  • Estimate Costs: Consider tuition fees, accommodation, food, transportation, and other living expenses. Don’t forget to factor in health insurance and study materials.

  • Look for Scholarships: There are numerous scholarships available for international students. Research options like the MEXT Scholarship, JASSO scholarships, and private foundation grants.


Pro Tip: Apply for scholarships early and apply for multiple ones to increase your chances of securing funding.

Step 4: Obtain Your Student Visa

Once you’ve been accepted into a program, the next step is obtaining your student visa.

  • Certificate of Eligibility (COE): Your school will apply for a Certificate of Eligibility on your behalf, which you’ll need to obtain your visa.

  • Visa Application: Once you have your COE, apply for a student visa at your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate. You’ll need to submit your passport, visa application form, COE, and a passport-sized photo.


Pro Tip: Start the visa process as soon as you receive your COE to avoid delays.

    1. Step 5: Prepare for Departure

      With your visa in hand, it’s time to prepare for your journey to Japan.

      • Book Your Flight: Look for flights well in advance to get the best deals. Aim to arrive a few days before your program starts to settle in.

      • Accommodation: If you haven’t arranged accommodation through your school, look for options like student dormitories, shared apartments, or homestays.

      • Packing: Pack smart—bring essentials, but don’t overpack. Remember, you can buy most things in Japan. Important items include clothing for different seasons, any necessary medication, and personal electronics.


  1. Pro Tip: Learn some basic Japanese phrases to help you navigate your first few days.

  1. Step 6: Arrival and Orientation

    Congratulations, you’ve made it to Japan! Now it’s time to get settled and start your adventure.

    • Attend Orientation: Most schools offer orientation sessions for new students. These sessions are crucial for understanding your new environment and meeting fellow students.

    • Register at City Hall: Within 14 days of your arrival, you’ll need to register your residence at the local city hall and enroll in the National Health Insurance.

    • Explore Your Surroundings: Take some time to explore your new city, familiarize yourself with the public transportation system, and find local shops and restaurants.


  2. Pro Tip: Join clubs or groups at your school to make friends and immerse yourself in the culture.



Wrapping It Up

Planning your study abroad adventure in Japan might seem overwhelming, but by breaking it down into these six steps, you can make the process manageable and even enjoyable. From choosing the right program to settling into your new home, every step brings you closer to an unforgettable experience in Japan. So, start planning, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

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