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Documents you need to apply for a Student Visa in Japan

We want you to know the documents required for a student visa application so please read carefully and have in mind that more or less documents might be requested.

  1. Application form

After selecting your school in Japan, our counselor will send you the application form where you will need to write some detailed information about yourself and your academic history. 


  1. Passport copy

Scan your passport’s main page. In case you have been in Japan before, include the pages with the stamps of entry and exit. 

If your passport is soon to expire or you don’t have one yet, an official ID will be okay for the time being so don’t worry about it. 


  1. ID format photo 

The size is 3 cm wide by 4 cm high (3×4). No glasses, hats nor anything that may cover your face features. Make sure that the picture is recent, not older than 3 months.

Tips: good lighting, high resolution.


  1. Birth certificate

A copy of your birth certificate is necessary by most schools. Make sure that the file can be easily read and clear. 


  1. Japanese studies certificate *needed depending on each case 

A course certificate or a JLPT/NAT test results copy can be proof of your previous Japanese studies. 

If you studied Japanese in a college or university, you need to provide the transcripts and the curse number of hours. 


  1. School diploma 

Some schools will require you to send your school diploma’s copy and others will request the hard copy. If you don’t want to send the hard copy to Japan, please make sure to go to a school where this is not needed.

When you arrive at the school in Japan, all the hard copies will be returned to you. 


  1. School transcripts 

A transcript is an official record of your academic performance over the years, it contains the list of subjects you studied and the score for each.

You need to provide them from the last school you graduated from. You can use the printouts of the online version (most institutions have them online). 

Financial Sponsor

A person able to cover you financially while you study in Japan. Although you can work part-time, you need to have some back-up in case of need. This is a requirement for immigration purposes. 

Types of Sponsor

  • Self-sponsor:

Having enough savings to cover your expenses to study and live in Japan can qualify you to sponsor yourself.

  • A family member: 

You need to be able to prove the relationship with this person with a birth certificate or/and any other legal document. This person should have enough funds to cover your expenses to study and live  in Japan 


Your sponsor (or yourself in case of self-sponsoring) should be able to show proof of having a determined amount of money in their bank account to confirm their financial ability to support you.


For 1 year-visas: the required amount goes from 2,000,000 yen ~ 2,500,000 yen depending on the school, the same amount in their savings and annual income.

For 6 month-visas: the required amount is 1,500,000 yen, the same amount in their savings and annual income.


  1. Sponsor’s employment certificate 

A document that stated their current employment, this letter normally can be requested to the company and it can be issued easily.

If the sponsor is self-employed or an entrepreneur, they can issue a letter under the company or registered commercial name.


  1. Sponsor’s income proof

This can be included in the document above or separately. You can provide an income certificate, pay slips or tax invoices. You can provide monthly slips (it will be multiplied by 12 to know the annual income).


  1. Sponsor’s bank balance certificate

Banks can issue a letter to show the account balance, this certifies the savings. It can be the printouts of the online bank statement. 


  1. Sponsor’s bank statement

A record that summarizes all transactions will be required and depending on each case/school it can be from 3 months up to 3 years. It can be the printouts of the online bank statement. 


NOTE: This is a standard document checklist and it may vary depending on the school and individual cases so our counselors will inform you about any variations. 


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