Dec 5, 2023

Become a PRO Mangaka in Japan with the Global Tokiwaso Project!

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Ready to start your Mangaka dreams in Japan? 

Be a resident at our new “Global TOKIWASO Residence for Foreigners” and live with other aspiring artists from around the world. You will receive on-going support until you get published! We aim to gather talented people from all around the world, and guide them through the manga industry in Japan





Student drawing manga in Japan - Japan Study Abroad Network


  1. 1. Technical skill building (including developing your own style)

    2.  A specialized teacher will be in charge of guiding you to plan your concept, characters, scenarios, and story.

    3.  Our debut support includes regular consultation with a manga editor who works for the world-wide famous Shounen Jump Magazine.                      
  2. *Translation support is also included


  • Be at least 18 years old *if you are under 18, please inquire
  • You will need to stay at our share-house for at least 3 months
  • You’ll need to submit your portfolio
  • In the case of a manga, you will need to submit at least an 18-page manga
  • For people submitting a light novel, 5000 words will be the minimum required
  • For people who use webtoon, at least one completed work should be submitted


Once you become a part of our Global Tokiwaso Project, every three months, our team of manga experts will assess the development of your project and determine your eligibility to continue enjoying the benefits of our residency, with the ongoing support of our dedicated teachers.


In case the experts think you are not on a good path, you will be asked to leave the residency.

What is ‘Tokiwaso’?

Tokiwaso, a two-story wooden apartment which stood in Tokyo from 1952 to 1982, became a renowned hub for manga artists like Tezuka Osamu(*1) and Fujiko Fujio(*2). The apartment aimed to provide a communal living space for emerging manga artists. The environment facilitated collaboration and support among artists, especially during challenging times. The selection process for residents was stringent, emphasizing criteria like performance, cooperation, technical skills, and a strong commitment to creating exceptional manga. Many artists who resided there went on to become prominent figures in the manga industry.

(*1) Tezuka Osamu, born in 1928, was a highly influential Japanese manga artist and animator, known as the “God of Manga” and the “Father of Anime.” Despite starting in a medical career, he followed his passion for manga and animation, significantly impacting postwar Japanese youth psychology. Tezuka’s influence expanded to animated film with iconic works like “ASTRO BOY” and “Jungle Emperor Leo” contributing to the immense popularity of animated film in Japan and globally. His career showcased a dedication to the preciousness of life, and his legacy endures as a cultural asset and pioneering figure in the world of manga and animation. Tezuka Osamu passed away aged 60 on February 9th, 1989.

Notable works: “Astro Boy” “Jungle Emperor Leo” “Black Jack” “Dororo” “Buddha” “Phoenix” “Princess Knight” “Ayako”


(*2) Fujiko Fujio, the penname of the manga duo formed by Hiroshi Fujimoto (1933-1996) and Motō Abiko (1934-2022), was formed in 1951, and they used this name until their partnership dissolved in 1987. Renowned for creating the iconic series Doraemon, the duo received numerous awards. Doraemon’s main character is officially recognized as a cultural icon of Japan. Despite its immense popularity in Asian countries, none of their works have been officially introduced to English-speaking countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand.

Notable works: “Doraemon” “Ninjya Hattori-kun” “Kaibutsu-kun” “Paa-man” “Umeboshi-denka” “Mataro-ga-kuru” “Professional Golfer Saru”




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