2-Week Intensive Manga Program

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October 31st 2021
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October 4th 2021
2-Week Intensive Manga Program
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    The school’s curriculum has accounted for students who need more time and support to learn Kanji, etc. Not a feature of this school.

  • Flexible Class Schedule

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School Introduction

Manga touches the lives of every person living in Japan and over the past few decades has spread in popularity to people all over the world, where it continues to grow and be enjoyed. As such, there has been an increasing number of non-Japanese people who have taken an interest in learning the craft. As its birthplace, Japan is the best place in the world to truly learn Manga. The Japanese comic world is vast and highly developed, with various organizations specializing in the production as well as education of all of the aspects of Manga, forming an industry where thousands of professionals make their career. In many cases, educational institutions have ties to the production side, recommending students to publishers, editors and studios. The Japan Study Abroad Network is proud to present this original course to provide efficient training in English in order to fulfill the dreams of non-Japanese people. This short-term manga camp aims to develop your passion and dreams of working in the Manga Industry in the near future.

This intensive Manga Program, curated by DEOW, provides students of all levels with the tools they need to begin creating Japanese Manga on their own. The course takes on a practical, coaching-style approach that emphasizes practise and skill-building in order to develop your abilities and confidence as a manga artist in the short span of 2 weeks.

Due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we are currently considering applications for 2021. If the situation clears in the near future, there is a possibility we will still be able to offer this program in November 2021 (this year).

Total Number of Students: Maximum 4
Class Size: Maximum 4
Minimum Course Duration: 2 weeks

Main Features

One-of-a-kind Manga training program
Designed specifically to meet the needs of non-Japanese students interested in Manga. Taught in English by professional Japanese Manga artists.
Covers all aspects of Manga
From planning to drawing, and trains according to your level and style; No experience required.
Small class size
With a maximum of 4 students, this intensive course guarantees that you will have plenty of support so that you can learn as much as possible within just 2 weeks.
The Head Instructor: Tanaka Yukihisa, Author & International Instructor
Coordinator and Teacher of the Manga Animation Course at Sakura International Gakuin since 2009.
Teacher at the Tokyo Game Designer Gakuin since 2003.
Taught Manga courses and workshops abroad.
Adviser of Kadokawa Contents Academy in Taiwan since 2018.
Professor of Doga Gakuin University in China.

School Location

The lessons take place in Tokyo, Shibuya, but students will have the opportunity to visit all sorts of tourist spots and manga-related places during the program.

Available Courses

  • 2-Week Intensive Manga Program in Shibuya

2-Week Intensive Manga Program in Shibuya

Course Description

Key Lesson Topics

  • Vocabulary and features of Japanese Manga
  • Overview of Manga Production: from planning to printing
  • Length and styles of Japanese Manga
  • Structure & flow of plot, and the key structure of stories
  • The role and design of the main character
  • How to draw characters: proportions, perspectives, features, styles
  • Drawing for Manga: Perspective and Framing
  • How to plan your storyboard
  • Techniques for showcasing character, emotions, plot and mood through illustrations
  • The Manga Industry in Japan
  • The Role of the Manga Editor
  • The Role of the Manga Assistant
  • Popular and recommended Manga & Anime in Japan
  • How to become a professional Manga Artist

Practical Training Areas

  • Generating the key ideas of your story and character
  • How to use Japanese Manga pens and standard equipment
  • Techniques for drawing lines, tones, shading and texture
  • How to build your repertoire of drawable items
  • Drawing people and their features from multiple perspectives: body, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, eye brows, hair
  • Developing your keen eye: common mistakes when drawing people and perspectives
  • Polishing up and finishing your Manga
  • Determining the quantity and size of your frames, necessary frame content, and layout of your pages.

Tokyo & The City Tour

On the Saturday between week 1 and week 2, we will have our City Tour! In the morning, we will head to the traditional district of Asakusa, checking out the iconic market and visiting the temple and shrine, followed by lunch, which is provided to you. After lunch, we will cut across the city to the otaku hub of Akihabara and will have the entire afternoon to explore specialty manga shops and any other unique shops that you want to check out before entering into the world of a maid café!
Because we are a small group, we are able to adapt the city tour contents to your requests so that we can all get to see and do what most interests us.

Tokyo & Shibuya
Tokyo, known previously as Edo, has been one of Japan’s major cities since the Tokugawa Shogunate era. Its famous attractions include Asakusa, Ueno, Shinjuku, Odaiba, Ginza, and Shibuya.

Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro are among the top business districts and are major hubs for the city. They are significant hubs for fashion, entertainment and recreation. In these areas, people will find Japan’s major department stores, large shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment centres, and specifically in Shibuya, there is the iconic statue of Hachiko, one of most popular meet-up points for friends, and the world famous Shibuya Crossing where every change of the lights signals one of the largest crossings of people in Japan if not the world, sending people in all directions to their desired destinations in the city.

Asakusa remains reminiscent of old Tokyo, highlighted by the ancient Sensoji Temple and the traditional craft shops and food stalls, as well as the Nakamise shopping district. In addition, the area contains the Hanayashiki, Japan’s oldest amusement park complete with rides, eateries and cafes, and Sumida Park, a leisure riverside escape with beautiful views of Tokyo Skytree and a popular venue for big annual firework displays and cherry blossom events.

As for the famous Asakusa Kannon Temple, it is the oldest temple in Tokyo, one of the most popular and lively, and is a symbol not only for the area but Tokyo itself, making it a must-see destination for every traveller to Japan and Tokyo, including local Japanese people. Entering the temple is through the iconic Kaminarimon, or Thunder Gate, into the traditional market lined with food and craft stalls, to the end of the stretch with the famous Temple itself. Every day in this part of Asakusa feels like a matsuri or festival, and is a perfect place to enjoy delicious food in traditional restaurants and casual izakaya, take a ride on a rickshaw, and dress up in a kimono, yukata or happi and host your own personal photoshoot, an everlasting memory of your time in Tokyo.

For any fan of anime, manga, cosplay, idol culture, gaming and electronics, Akihabara is the hub of them all, located in the northeast corner of Tokyo’s most densely populated core outlined roughly by the popular circuit route train line known as the JR Yamanote Line operated by Japan Rail. The district contains everything from small one-off shops to large and popular electronic and department stores such as Yodabashi Camera and Bic Camera, the Tokyo Animation Center as well as a radio hall with its 10 floors of toys, trading cards, and collectibles. The area is the living hub of Japanese subculture, powered every moment by the passion of the geeks within.

Enrolment Periods & Duration

Program Session Program Dates
(Sunday check-in to Saturday check-out)
Application Final Deadline
February 2021 January 31st ~ February 13th, 2021

January 1st, 2021

May 2021 May 2nd ~ May 15th, 2021

April 4th, 2021

August 2021 August 1st ~ August 14th, 2021

July 5th, 2021

November 2021 October 31st ~ November 13th, 2021

October 4th, 2021

PRIVATE Flexible

Approx. 28 days prior to start

  • Regular classes are held from Monday to Friday, from 9:00AM to 12:00PM at our school in Shibuya.
  • All programs are available without accommodations. Please ask us for further details.
  • Private programs can also be arranged for 1 week. Please ask us for further details.

Program Schedule

Course Features & Electives


    There is no better place in the world to learn Manga than in Japan, the home of otaku culture worldwide where nearly every person reads manga on a regular basis. As its birthplace, Japan has an extensive manga industry consisting of independent and represented manga artist, manga editors, story-writers, fan artists, and more. Feel inspired and live in the world of Manga!


    This program trains you on the essentials of Manga from developing your main character, planning your story, and honing your practical skills of illustration so that you can begin creating your very own Manga within the span of just 2 weeks.


    True learning happens by doing, and there is only so much you can do in 2 weeks. For this reason, our passionate manga artists offer you continued support & feedback on your work online after the program. Being able to get on-going feedback and helping you when you get stuck is a special support system we have for our students like no where else.


    Learn in a class of only 2-4 students, or 1-on-1. Our semi-private or private class size ensures that you are constantly engaged, actively supported, and effectively learning at all times. This is the ideal workshop-style learning environment where you are free to ask questions and receive support every time you need it.


    As part of this program, we set up a roundtable meeting with a professional Manga Editor, who can give you insights into the Manga Industry in Japan, share the realities of what actually sells in the market, and provide feedback on any manga concepts or works that you can freely share.


    As a global student agency headquartered in Tokyo, we are here to support you on every step of your journey to participate in this program. This includes meeting you at the airport and taking you to the private room that we have set up for you, as well as providing visa consultation, 24-hour emergency support while in Japan, and other important information about Japan that will ensure a safe and comfortable experience for you from when you arrive.

Tuition Fees

Regular ¥300,000 + tax
Private ¥350,000 + tax

The Program Tuition includes:

  • Accommodations, which are provided from the Sunday before the program until the Saturday after the program (check-out) As part of the program, we will set you up in your own a private room in a shared dormitory in a peaceful neighbourhood in Saitama, located directly north of central Tokyo and directly accessible to the school in Shibuya by train.
  • Manga kit (Manga pen, pen tips of varying sizes, black ink, white ink, paper, tones, etc.)
  • Manga textbook and original template manga for practise
  • Activity expenses during the city tour, which includes lunch
  • Access to Manga Artist Studio
  • Special Q&A Session with a Professional Japanese Manga Editor
  • Online support from your Manga Instructor who can provide feedback and guidance as you continue to develop your original Manga after you return home.
  • Escort from the airport to your accommodations by a local, friendly Japanese member of staff.
  • Travel SIM Card with data plan for the duration of course
  • 24-hour DEOW Agency Support & Guidance

NOTE: Students will need to cover the costs of food, travel to and from Japan, daily commute and travel within Japan, and any other personal expenses. We will also ask that all students obtain Emergency Medical Insurance before or by the time they land in Japan.

Because our counselling service is free,
the tuition fees listed here will be the same as the school’s original tuition fees.

Our Free Services

We aim to support all students who are interested in coming to Japan to study & live.
For this reason, we provide all of these services at not cost to you.
  • School & Visa
    Application Support

  • Free Japanese
    Language Lessons

  • Accommodation

  • 24-Hour
    Emergency Assistance

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