Tokyo Communication Arts College: Super Creator Program

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School Introduction

The Tokyo Communication Arts (TCA) Technical College follows Three Educational Guidelines, which are: Vocational Education, Human Education, and International Education

With a belief that in order to develop the talent that is needed in the industry, the student must work alongside the industry, TCA has practiced an "academia-industry collaborative education" since its establishment in 1988 by providing programs that work in close cooperation with companies, and by doing so has been successful in producing students that become immediately effective in the professional creative industry after graduation.

TCA stands behind its excellent professional education with a 3-year and 4-year curriculum that fosters a real & rich creativity based on the beauty of human ingenuity. This school is for the student who wishes to develop him or herself as a creator of the future.

Note that this school’s courses are all offered in Japanese only.
School Staff Support Languages: Japanese

Department Introduction

About the Program

Become the creator that makes people's minds buzz, whether you aim to design enthralling vehicles, cutting-edge fashion, or exciting and attractive items for the home & office.

Discover your love for creation within the world of design in the following areas:
  • Interior Design
  • Store Design & Outfitting
  • Product Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Display Design
  • Package Design
  • Editorial Design
  • Application Production
  • Industrial Design
  • CG Design
  • Movie Production
  • Space Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Urban Design

After this 3- to 4-year program, students will graduate with nationally-recognized Advanced Specialist Degree that is considered the equivalent to a 4-year University Degree from a technical school.

Students can choose between 3 majors:

  • Product Design Advanced Diploma Course
    Overseen by Professor Kiyoyuki Okuyama, who has won number world-renowned awards for his design work, which includes Ferrari cars, luxury trains, watches, funiture, and dishes, this 4-year advanced specialist degree inspires students to create designs that engrave themselves in history. His course provides a complete education starting from product development, which is the starting point of manufacturing, to modeling, and finally to sales to the customer.
  • Visual Effects, Computer Graphics, and Video Master Advanced Diploma Course
    Overseen by Professor Matt Suzuki, who has worked on a number of major productions including "Ana and the Snow Queen" at Walt Disney, Inc. and "Avatar" at Twentieth Century Fox in Hollywood, this 4-year advanced specialist degree entices students to enter into the visual world of video imaging. This course prepares students not only in being outstanding producers, but also as independent creators with developed management and leadership abilities.
  • E-Visual Design Advanced Diploma Course
    In the modern era of branding and communication, creators are requires to be capable of high-quality work in multiple fields that traditionally were separate, such as graphics, web, and video design. This is the way of thinking of the TCA School director, Masanori Sasazuka, who has years of international experience, having worked on the symbol design for the Nagano Winter Olympics in San Francisco, as well as a number of other global brands. Professor Masanori Sasazuka oversees this course and has designed it to develop students' talents through a wide range of programs.

The Importance of Business Experience

It is not through sheer high-quality design that hit products can take to the world. What is important for fulfilling that purpose is the ability to research what people are looking for now and the ability to plan effective sales strategies.

Accordingly, the 4-year program develops students Business Skills from client to consumer, in the following areas:
  • Business Meetings
    where you market yourself to prospective clients
  • Market Research
    that is precise and can grasp the needs of the world
  • Concept Work
    Understanding for whom your product is made to develop a central concept
  • Creative Work
    After the prototype concept has been created, draw a design that embodies the product concept
  • Presentation
    Deliver attractive presentations to clients to realize the sale of the product
  • Sales
    Once commercialization is realized, formulate a promotion plan to strengthen sales

Main Features

Employment after graduating
TCA offers a complete system of support out of its Career Support Center, which has connections and relationships directly with the industry.
Fosters Real Abilities
Within your 3-year or 4-year program, you will push hard to acquire the practical power and skill required, from learning the basics to real applications that prepare you for the industry.
Corporate Projects that give real-life experience
Tackle issues that corporations are facing at the present day and create solutions in class just as one would in the real world through the guidance of teachers who are active creators in the industry.
W Major Curriculum expands your possibilities
In addition to the classes that fall under the major that you decided at the time of admission, through this system you are able to choose courses from other majors. This freedom expands your talents and interests and makes you a more versatile creator in the world.
Overseas Practical Training
Although you may be taking this course from oversees as is, in your 3rd year you have the ability to go abroad for further training in places such as Milan, Los Angeles, and Paris in order to further your worldly perspective.
Support whenever you need it
The school offers support to its students through consultation about daily school life from a team of responsible staff, in addition to professional instructors who guide and support students’ studies.

School Location

Nearest station: Nishikasai station (Tokyo Metro Tozai line)
Distance from station: 1 minute walk

The school is located in Nishikasai, where has variety of amusement facilities such as Metro Museum, su-pa-sentou (Public bath), Game shops, and even Tokyo Disney Resort. In Nishikasai, there are countless opportunities to find inspirations and develop your creativity.

Available Courses

  • Curriculum


Course Description

Management Skills – Not only are you going to focus on corporate product design and branding, but also on your ability to present yourself and the product at press conferences and interviews with the media.

Product Planning – As part of product planning, careful market research is conducted first. After a large amount of data has been analyzed and the opinions and voices of customers have been heard, the core concept of the product can be created.

The Role of Creative Design – Design encompasses everything from the product itself, the logo which represents it, and the package that it is delivered in. All of this is taken into consideration in order to effectively convey the attractiveness and merits of the product to the target audience.

Sales Planning – No matter how good the product is, the business will not succeed if a mistake is made in selling it. The price strategy that matches the target and the selection of appropriate sales channels will greatly influence the sales results of the product.

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