Tokyo Sushi Academy (TSA)

Tokyo Sushi Academy (TSA)

School Introduction

The Tokyo Sushi Academy has trained over 3,500 graduates in the past 16 years and prides itself in its ability to train any type of student regardless of age and skillset to the result of being able to find employment at a sushi establishment after graduation. The way of doing this is by training repeatedly until the body learns, after having watched, listened and understood each aspect of the technique. In addition to the skills of a sushi chef, students here also get knowledge of sushi science, nutrition, and store management. The classes are with 8 students to 1 instructor. The school also provides employment support through its very own matching site known as “Sushi Job” ( Relatedly, it is possible to get live training as well as employment at one of Tokyo Sushi Academy’s direct shops, which are located both in Japan as well as oversees. The 3 main courses offered include: Intern Course (8 months) Intensive Course (2 months), and Weekend Course (11 months) Sushi Courses offered in English (Tsukiji Branch) Complete Sushi Course (6 weeks; most popular) Sushi Course (4 weeks) Sashimi Course (5 days) Japanese Cuisine Course (5 days) International Sushi Chef Course (10 days)

Main Features

School Location

Tokyo Sushi Academy Shinjuku Main school
Nearest station: Nishi Shinjuku station (Tokyo Metro marunouchi line)
Distance from station: 2 minutes walk.

Tokyo Sushi Academy Tsukiji school
Nearest station: Tsukiji station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya line, Toei oedo line)
Distance from station: 5 minutes walk

Both locations are short walk (2~5 minutes) from the nearest station. Also, there are some convenience stores close to both schools, so you can always grab your lunch or snacks and get ready for the class.

Our Free Services

We aim to support all students who are interested in coming to Japan to study & live.
For this reason, we provide all of these services at not cost to you.
  • School & Visa
    Application Support

  • Free Japanese
    Language Lessons

  • Accommodation

  • 24-Hour
    Emergency Assistance

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