Tokyo Design Technology Center (TECH C.)

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Tokyo Design Technology Center (TECH C.)
  • Higher Education Counselling

    This school provides specialized counseling to prepare and apply to colleges and universities after graduation.

  • Career Support

    Counselors are available to provide specialized support for full-time employment after graduation.

  • Dormitories Available

    This school introduces affordable shared living spaces.

  • In-School Activities

    This school organizes regular interactive & cultural activities in the school.

  • Out-of-School Activities

    This school organizes out-of-school day-trips, excursions and events throughout the year.

  • Student Lounge

    Space outside of the classroom is available for students to interact casually and/or study.

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School Introduction

TECH.C is your direct path to success in IT and design. This unique school combines academic excellence with hands-on experience in real-world projects alongside industry professionals. Special lectures from top experts keep students updated on industry trends. Collaborative projects and mentorship programs ensure students are well-prepared for successful careers. TECH.C isn't just a school; it's your launchpad to a confident debut in the ever-evolving IT and design industry.

Total Number of Students: 240 students accepted per year
School Staff Support Languages: Japanese
Minimum Course Duration: 3 years

Department Introduction

  • Game

Starting with e-sports, the game market is on the rise. The number of people who play games on smartphones, game consoles, and PCs continues to grow. At TECH.C., the school is cultivating human resources who create new games while cooperating with professionals in the industry. Beginners are also welcome. Dive into the world of creation with friends with like-minded friends!

  • E-sports

E-sports is gaining momentum all over the world, with many competitions competing for high prize money. In Japan, the competitive population continues to grow, and professional gamers are born one after another. Cultivate human resources who will lead the Japanese esports industry!

  • AI/IT

The AI and IT industry has an image of “future technology”. In fact, it is already being used in familiar places. Lets aim to be a creator who can contribute to society by combining various technologies.

  • Robot

In recent years, robots have been active in various places such as disasters, medical sites, and homes. “What if this happens…” Robots are born from such ideas. Let’s aim to become a robot engineer in a professional in manufacturing by gaining creativity!

  • Illustration & Anime

“Anime” is Japan’s pride to the world. The common language of the global campus is “Otaku language”. Lets become an illustrator and animator by cultivating an international sensibility on a daily basis with students from 23 countries!

  • CG/Movie

Studying CG and Video technology allows students to work in the various fields such as game, animation, TV/movie, advertisement, entertainment and so on. 


Main Features

TECH.C. original education system


1.Company Projects / Company Assignments

Students begin with assignment orientation, and will learn the process while experiencing actual work. Students will also work on a proposal (presentation) of their own work.

2. Special Industry Seminars & Lectures

The Animation Department collaborates with over 200 nearby studios and production companies, offering employment guidance. In the Manga Department, instructors facilitate connections with publishers, aiding students in making their debut as manga artists.

3. Double Major Curriculum System
For those students who want to learn broadly, broadening the range of employment opportunities, or wanting to make the most of their individuality, students can take courses in other majors according to their goals.
4. Practical Japanese Language Education for International Students

TECH.C provides classes to help international students prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and develop business communication for finding employment in the midst of globalization. Students will be able to communicate smoothly in the future workplace by fully understanding culture.

5. Internship (Industry Training)

Training will be held at a cooperating company for 1 week to 1 month. This experience is valuable as students can understand the tension of the workplace and the state of work that students cannot feel at school. Many students also get job offers directly at the internship.

6. Employment Support System

TECH.C has a reliable support system and various job-hunting support to realize students’ dream job in the industry. Internships, joint/single company information sessions, mock interviews, qualification acquisition support, etc. Individual consultation and detailed backup according to each person’s goals. In addition, students offer a wide range of post-graduation support such as career consulting and skills development support for graduates.


School Location

Takadanobaba is known as “student town” in Japan. IT, game, anime, and design companies are also concentrated here. On the other hand, nature such as the Kanda River and parks are within walking distance, making it an ideal learning environment. Accessible to Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Akihabara so it’s very easy to go to school.


Nearest Stations:

Takadanobaba (JR, Seibu line, Tokyo metro)

Nishiwaseda (Tokyo metro)


  • Monday to Saturday: 

From 9:00am 

Each class is 90 minutes long


Available Courses

  • Game
  • E-sports
  • AI/IT
  • Robot
  • Illustration/Anime


Course Description

Study cutting edge trends

  • Students acquire knowledge and skills from 86 professional instructors
  • Students will work on challenges from the game company through industry-academia collaboration
  • Japan’s largest game industry organization CESA accredited school (Computer Entertainment Association of Japan)


Advanced Diploma available

  • Advanced Diploma is advantageous in employment as they are as valuable as “Bachelor’s Degree”.
  • Students can study different majors at the same time with the W major curriculum.
  • More than 3,400 hours of classes ensure that students acquire skills.


The perfect environment to make dreams come true

  • Students will form teams in the same fields as game companies to create games
  • VR development can be done with the latest equipment such as HTC VIVE and Oculus
  • Friday is a full game production day!



  • Super Game Creator (4 years)
  • Game Programmer(3 years)

  • Game Planning/Scenario (3 years)

  • Game CG Design (3 years)

  • Game Character (3 years)



Course Description

Famous national and international students visit the school

  • Direct teaching from professional instructors who are active on the front line
  • Direct contact with professional team in a special lecture
  • Lectures by companies and teams from Japan and around the world


The perfect environment to make dreams come true

  • The latest and greatest gaming device
  • Equipment for practical training event management, video, sound and lighting
  • An environment where students can learn in collaboration with the Jikei Group


Team Management

  • Students learn broadly and deeply about the esports industry
  • Student study different majors at the same the with the W Major Curriculum
  • Over 3,400 hours of classes to ensure students acquire skills



  • E-sports Professional Management (4 years)
  • E-sports Professional Gamer (3 years)


Course Description

Learn cutting edge technology directly from industry professionals

  • Start from the basics of AI, IT and the Web to cutting-edge technology
  • Accredited school by company
  • Support from well-known AI/IT companies!


Abundant support for qualification that is advantageous for employment 

  • Students can acquire national qualifications that are attracting attention in the industry!
  • Thorough guidance by active professional instructors!
  • Educational program for the world-wide IT qualification “CompTIA”


 Advanced Diploma available

  • Advanced Diploma is advantageous in employment as they are as valuable as “Bachelor’s Degree”.
  • Students can study different majors at the same time with the W major curriculum.
  • More than 3,400 hours of classes ensure that students acquire skills.


    Course Description

    See and feel the latest cutting-edge technology

    • Students learn from the basics of AI and robots to cutting-edge technology
    • Trip to the University of Tokyo’s Robotics Laboratory!
    • Backup by famous IT and technology companies!


    Almost like a laboratory! Monozukuri Lab

    • An environment where students can immerse themself in the creation of their work with the latest equipment
    • Installed not only machine tools but also tools for parts and material processing
    • Students can test the movement of assembly robots and sensors


     Advanced Diploma available

    • Advanced Diploma is advantageous in employment as they are as valuable as “Bachelor’s Degree”.
    • Students can study different majors at the same time with the W major curriculum
    • More than 3,400 hours of classes ensure that students acquire skills.



      • Robot/AI engineering (4 years)


      Course Description

      Learn industry-leading technology

      • Students acquire the knowledge and skills of the illustration and animation industry from professional instructors
      • Students work on projects and challenges from their dream production company through industry-academia collaboration!
      • Special lectures by well-known creators


      Learn in a fulfilling production environment

      • Students acquire a wide range of techniques from analog to digital
      • Professional instructors give lectures on the latest trends
      • Equipped with the industry’s most advanced equipment for actual production sites


      Acquire a wide range of skills with the W Major Curriculum

      • In addition to the major at the time of admission, students can take subjects in other majors that interest them according to their dreams and goals!



      • Animation (3 years)
      • Comic Illustration (3 years)

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