Kashima Gakuen

Deadline to apply:
March, September
Kashima Gakuen
  • Recommended for Westerners

    The school’s curriculum has accounted for students who need more time and support to learn Kanji, etc.

  • Wifi Available

    Rest assured that this school has wifi available.

  • Higher Education Counselling

    This school provides specialized counseling to prepare and apply to colleges and universities after graduation.

  • Dormitories Available

    This school introduces affordable shared living spaces.

  • In-School Activities

    This school organizes regular interactive & cultural activities in the school.

  • Out-of-School Activities

    This school organizes out-of-school day-trips, excursions and events throughout the year.

  • Student Lounge

    Space outside of the classroom is available for students to interact casually and/or study.

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School Introduction

Kaisei Gakuen High School, situated in Japan, is a prestigious institution renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, character development, and global awareness. With a rigorous curriculum made to students' individual needs and interests, the school fosters critical thinking skills, intellectual curiosity, and a sense of global citizenship. Through its innovative Global Program, students engage with diverse perspectives, develop language proficiency, and participate in cultural exchange opportunities, preparing them to thrive in an interconnected world.

Complemented by a wide range of extracurricular activities and a supportive community, Kaisei Gakuen High School nurtures well-rounded individuals who are poised to make meaningful contributions to society.

Total Number of Students: 789
Class Size: 35
Japanese Level Requirement: N5 - N3 - N2
School Staff Support Languages: Japanese, Chinese, English
Enrolment Terms: September, April
Minimum Course Duration: 1 year

Main Features

International Curriculum
The Global Program offers a diverse and comprehensive curriculum that integrates global perspectives into various subjects, including language arts, social studies, and science. Students engage with a range of topics that span cultures, histories, and current events, preparing them to navigate the complexities of our globalized society.
Language Proficiency
With a strong emphasis on language acquisition, students have the opportunity to study Japanese intensively, as well as other languages such as Chinese or Spanish. Through immersive language instruction and real-world application, students develop fluency, communication skills, and cross-cultural competence.
Cultural Exchange
The program facilitates meaningful cultural exchange experiences, both within the school community and through international partnerships. From hosting exchange students to participating in study tours and cultural festivals, students have numerous opportunities to engage with diverse perspectives and develop a deep appreciation for global diversity.
Extracurricular Activities
Beyond the classroom, students are encouraged to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities that further enhance their global competence. Whether it’s joining a Model United Nations club, participating in community service projects, or taking part in international competitions, students have access to a wide range of enriching experiences that broaden their horizons.
Preparation for Higher Education and Careers
The Global Program prepares students for success beyond high school by equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and global mindset needed for higher education and future careers. Whether students aspire to study abroad, pursue international careers, or become global leaders in their fields, the program provides a solid foundation for their ambitions.

School Location

Located in the serene countryside of Ibaraki, Kashima Gakuen lies at a comfortable distance from the bustling metropolis of Tokyo. Despite its distance, the tranquil surroundings offer a stark contrast to the urban hustle and bustle, providing students with a peaceful retreat from city life. Surrounded by the sea and verdant landscapes, this location provides a genuine taste of rural Japan, allowing students to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty while still within reach of Tokyo’s cultural richness.

Available Courses

  • High School Global Program

High School Global Program

Course Description

The Kashima Gakuen High School Global Program provides students with a dynamic and immersive educational experience designed to foster global awareness, cultural understanding, and linguistic proficiency.

Through a blend of rigorous academic coursework, interactive language learning, and enriching cultural activities, students in the Global Program are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.




    • Language Arts

    • Social Studies

    • Science

    • Mathematics

    • Music / Art

    • Physical Education 





      •  Language Clubs

      • Cultural Clubs

      • Community Service Clubs

      • International Exchange Clubs

Enrolment Periods & Duration

Intake Duration Application Start Date Application Deadline
April 1 year
2 years
3.5 years
August 1st

September 30th

September 1 year
1.5 years 
2.5 years
February 11th

March 31st

Course Features & Electives

  • University Advance Course

    For students with ambitions for higher education. It’s designed to provide a solid academic foundation essential for success in college. By delving into core subjects and emphasizing critical thinking and analytical skills, students gain the necessary tools for navigating college-level coursework. Additionally, the course aligns with college admission requirements, ensuring students are well-prepared for the application process.

  • Art Course

    For aspiring animators, illustrators, and animation producers of the future. Designed to provide foundational knowledge and skills essential for success in these creative fields, the course offers a comprehensive exploration of animation techniques, illustration principles, and production processes. 

  • Global Course

    In this elective, Native English-speaking instructors lead students through a comprehensive exploration of the four core skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening, alongside grammar essentials. The curriculum extends beyond language mastery to encompass engaging seminars on global affairs and meaningful volunteer opportunities. Plus, occasional social gatherings add a touch of fun and camaraderie to the learning journey.

Tuition Fees

Total payment
 1st year ¥1,930,000


Expenses included in total
Enrollment fee ¥170,000
Application fee ¥150,000
Campus facility fee ¥130,000
School uniform / gym clothes ¥128,000
Children’s general insurance ¥36,000
Freshman orientation camping fee ¥23,000
Emergency bag ¥3,000
Lesson fee ¥301,200
Student councill fee ¥24,000
PTA membership fee ¥12,000
Room / utilities (3 students in 1 room) ¥180,000
Dormitory facility fee (One year) ¥35,000
Dormitory membership fee ¥3,000
Food (3 meals a day) ¥540,000
Text books, materials, Classi usage fee, testing fee, sports festival T-shirts fee ¥33,000
Career guidance event expenses ¥15,000
National health insurance ¥16,800
Extracurricular activity expenses  ¥30,000
Administration fee ¥100,000

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