SPC Nagoya

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October 2024
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May 2024
SPC Nagoya
  • Flexible Class Schedule

    You are able to request an AM or PM class schedule based on your needs.

  • Career Support

    Counselors are available to provide specialized support for full-time employment after graduation.

  • Dormitories Available

    This school introduces affordable shared living spaces.

  • In-School Activities

    This school organizes regular interactive & cultural activities in the school.

  • Student Lounge

    Space outside of the classroom is available for students to interact casually and/or study.

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School Introduction

The SPC Japanese college is a language school with its head office in Australia. It is a government certified school with international language schools placed in Cairns and Brisbane. Support offices are located in Europe, Brazil, Colombia and Vietnam.
Therefore, the SPC Japanese College is an international language school which attracts many students that want to study Japanese.
The school is easy to reach because it is located in the center of Nagoya. Near the school you can find the “Osu Kannon” Temple and popular shopping streets. Since there are many activities to do you will not get bored staying for a long time.

Total Number of Students: 5
Class Size: 19-20 max
School Staff Support Languages: Japanese, English
Enrolment Terms: April, October
Minimum Course Duration: Short Term: 1 WeekLong Term: 1 Year

Main Features

English Teacher Support
This school is designed for Japanese language students who want to work as an English teacher after their graduation. Therefore, anyone with this wish gets supported by the school through on-the-job trainings.
Cultural Studies
Students at this school learn about culture and manners and not only language.
One of the school goals is to make all students able to pass the JLPT to make their life in Japan as comfortable as possible.
Exchange with locals
The English conversation class for English learners attached to the school gives Japanese language learners the opportunity to interact with locals.
Constant Writing Improvement
The school encourages constant writing improvement through daily journal assignment.

School Location

The nearest metro station Osu Kannon has convenient access to the Osu Kannon buddhist temple and other tourist attractions of this area, such as the famous shopping district.

Nearest station: Osu Kannon Station (3-minute walk)

Available Courses

  • Student Visa Course - Long Term
  • General Japanese Course - Short Term

Student Visa Course - Long Term

Course Description

SPC Japanese College’s Student Visa Course is designed for those who wish to work as English teachers in Japan. Students will not only learn Japanese language and culture, but also develop skills that will enable them to work in Japanese public schools and English conversation schools. One of the main features of SPC’s Japanese language instructors is that they speak English, so you can ask them questions in English about anything you don’t understand, and you will have a clear understanding of difficult grammar and other topics.

  • 1

    1-year course

  • 2

    1 year and 6 months course

Enrolment Periods & Duration


Intake Duration Application Start Date Application Deadline
April 1 Year September


October 1 Year 6 Months March


Morning or afternoon classes (depending on availability):

  • Morning classes are held from 9:00 to 12:40 (Monday to Friday)
  • Afternoon classes are held from 13:20 to 17:00 (Monday to Friday)

Course Features & Electives


    Japanese Language Proficiency Test preparation lectures to help students obtain qualifications


    Learn business Japanese to be able to work in Japan


    Active support for job hunting after graduation


    Extracurricular activities to develop your skills as an English teacher

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees
1 year ¥973,600
1 year 6 months ¥1,322,600


Other fees
Facilities included in tuition
Insurance fee included in tuition
Screening fee included in tuition
Enrollment fee included in tuition
Textbooks included in tuition

General Japanese Course - Short Term

Course Description

This course is perfect for those who wish to combine Japanese language study with work or private life.
This course will not only improve your basic Japanese language skills, but also improve your Japanese communication skills necessary for living in Japan, making your life in Japan, including work and travel, more enjoyable and fulfilling.
This course recommends students to already have certain Japanese skills including the ability to read and write Hiragana, Katakana and about 100 Kanjis and have knowledge about basic grammar.

Enrolment Periods & Duration

Minimum 1 Week

Intake Application Deadline
Every Monday


Morning classes:

  • Morning classes are held from 9:00 to 12:50 (Monday to Friday)

Course Features & Electives


    Learn practical Japanese for your life in Japan


    Complete lessons in one class, so you can attend classes without any difficulty


    Enrollment is every Monday, so you can start at any time

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees
1 week ¥28,800


Other fees
Textbooks ¥550

Our Free Services

We aim to support all students who are interested in coming to Japan to study & live.
For this reason, we provide all of these services at not cost to you.
  • School & Visa
    Application Support

  • Free Japanese
    Language Lessons

  • Accommodation

  • 24-Hour
    Emergency Assistance

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