Sep 20, 2019

JOIN US: English-Japanese Language Exchange in Shibuya, Tokyo

As part of our mission to build a community of Japanese and non-Japanese people who can regularly connect and exchange language, culture, ideas and experiences together, the Japan Study Abroad Network is excited to announce the making of the English-Japanese Language Exchange Meetup.

We hope that all people who are interested in improving their English and Japanese conversation skills will be able to join us here at our DEOW Tokyo Office in Shibuya. Please read below for more information on the Meetup Group and the upcoming language exchange events we have planned. If you are able to attend, please be sure to RSVP in advance using our Meetup Page, as we have limited space available for each event. We look forward to seeing you there!

About our Language Exchange Group

Our English-Japanese Language Exchange group is for Japanese and non-Japanese people living in the Tokyo area who aim to improve their speaking abilities as well as expand their way of thinking through a global exchange with like-minded people. The goal of this language exchange is to provide a bright & calm environment where participants can focus on listening to and speaking with their language exchange partners, are able to ask the questions they have about each other’s languages, and ultimately feel that they have learned and improved after each language exchange event.

Our Language Exchange events are organized such that equal time is given for speaking in both English and Japanese, in an environment that is warm and inviting for everyone. Please don’t worry about your Japanese speaking level! The organizers of this event are always here to encourage and support you, and can provide tips about how to learn Japanese effectively.

Time & location

The English-Japanese Language Exchange is hosted by the Japan Study Abroad Network, which is based in Shibuya on the 12th floor of the Manulife Building, located just behind Hikarie.

Click here to view our venue on Google Maps.

The language exchange is currently being held every 2 weeks on Tuesdays from 19:00 to 20:30 (1.5 hours). Here is the detailed time schedule:

  • 18:50 – participants arrive, meet & greet, and get into initial groups
  • 19:00 – begin language exchange in Japanese
  • 19:20 – shuffle participants and continue language exchange in Japanese
  • 19:40 – intermission with quick announcements and 10-minute break
  • 19:50 – begin language exchange in English
  • 20:10 – shuffle participants and continue language exchange in English
  • 20:30 – wrap up and end of language exchange
When you arrive, Luke will be there to greet you. It would be appreciated if you can come at 18:50 so that we can begin speaking right at 19:00.


Everyone who wishes to attend this event is asked to RSVP via our Meetup Group.

After becoming a member of the group, you can scroll to the upcoming events section and RSVP for the event(s) that you are able to attend.
Due to our space, each event is limited to 20 participants in total.

The participation fee is ?500 for native Japanese speakers and free for native English speakers (as there are less native English speakers in Japan).

We really look forward to seeing you at our Language Exchange. If you have any questions or queries about our Meetup Group or the Language Exchange, feel free to PM us in the Meetup group, or in our live chat here on the website.
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