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We at DEOW are here to guide you through the process of getting a Student Visa in Japan, which you will need if you are planning on staying in Japan for longer than 3 months.

Rest assured, after you have prepared the necessary documents and information and submit them to us, the visa itself is considerably easy to get, though the process itself takes some time. If at any time you have questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or contact form.

If you are planning on studying for less than three months, please talk to us about Short Term Study, which doesn’t require this visa and can be done on a Visitor’s Visa.

These steps are for applicants who are applying from their home countries abroad. If you are already in Japan on a different visa, you can also transfer to a Student Visa using these steps, however Japanese Immigration may request an additional Letter of Motivation.

The Application Process

  • 1

    Send us information about yourself through our contact form to begin.

  • 2

    We will contact you to confirm the details and ask you to send us the necessary documents needed for your Student Visa (listed below).

  • 3

    We will go over the documents with you to ensure they are complete and then send them to the School.

  • 4

    The School will submit the Student Visa Application for you.

  • 5

    Once your visa gets approved, the Immigration Bureau will send the school your Certificate of Eligibility (COE), which the school will then send to you directly.
    This may take up to 3 months.

  • 6

    Go to the Consulate or Embassy of Japan in your area and give them your COE, your Visa Application Form (which you get from the Japanese Embassy), your valid passport and passport photos.

  • 7

    The Embassy will then issue you your Student Visa!
    This takes no more than a week.

Necessary Documents and Information

  • Student Visa Application Form

    Quantity: 1
    Notes: Aside from making sure it is complete, the government of Japan would also like to see specific details as to why you wish to come to Japan to study Japanese. For this reason, it is recommended to be as detailed as possible when those related sections out.

  • Copy of your Passport

    Quantity: 1
    Notes: Photocopy of the Photo/ID page and Signature Page of Passport.

  • Academic Documents

    Quantity: 1
    Notes: transcript and diploma as proof that you graduated school.

  • Proof of Finances

    Quantity: varies
    Notes: The government of Japan requires proof that you have sufficient funds to cover the costs and support your stay in Japan, including your school tuition, school fees, and living costs.
    The amount that they will look for depends on the school tuition fees as well as the length of time that you intend to be in Japan.
    It is important that the documents you submit as proof display your name (if you are to support yourself) or the person(s) who will be supporting your expenses. In the latter case, you will need a signed letter from them which verifies their support.
    The documents you can use as proof are:
    ・Bank statements
    ・Income statements
    ・Letter of Sponsorship
    ・Letter of Financial Aid

Once you get your COE

Once you receive your COE from the Embassy of Japan, call the Consulate or Embassy of Japan in your area to let them know you would like to come to apply for your Student Visa and to confirm what you need to bring.
Typically you will need to bring the following

  • 1

    Student Visa Application Form

  • 2

    Your Passport

  • 3

    1x Passport Photo

  • 4

    Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

  • 5

    Certificate of Admission
    You will have received this from the school.

  • 6

    Any other documents required of you by the consulate.
    Make sure to confirm with the consulate before going so that you make sure you have everything with you.

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