Special Manga & Japanese Language Program for Thai People with Actress & Model: Maki Shima


Experience Japan with half-Japanese, half-Thai Model & Actress

Maki Shima!



We are pleased to be collaborating with half-Japanese, half-Thai model and actress Ms. Shima Maki in this exciting Japanese language & culture tour in Japan. This special two-week program will give Thai people with an interest in Japan the unique opportunity to learn either Japanese Manga or Japanese language in addition to going on exclusive cultural tours with Maki Shima after class!


Course Details


You will have the option of taking one of the following courses:




The Practical Japanese Conversation Program focuses on training Japanese for use in everyday situations and building your confidence to speak as well as read important Japanese commonly found in society.

Lesson topics include:

 Greetings & Common Expressions
 Talking about dates & schedules, and making plans
 Introducing yourself, your family, and interests
 Asking for directions
 Ordering at restaurants and take-away counters
 Counting, shopping and making payments
 Expressing your ideas, asking questions
 Writing in hiragana, katakana & kanji (if requested)




In the Intensive Japanese Manga Program, you will learn the practical techniques of drawing Japanese manga so that you can continue to confidently create works after going back to Thailand and beyond.

Lesson topics include:

 How to use Japanese manga pens, ink and other special tools
 Techniques for drawing lines, using tones, and shading
 How to draw people’s bodies and facial expressions
 How to create and illustrate your main character
 How to decide the size of your frames and layout of panels
 How to plan your story and develop your storyboard
 Editing, touching up, and finishing your work
 The manga industry in Japan and becoming a professional manga artist


Activities with Maki Shima


Here are some examples of the activities we have planned for you with Maki Shima:


Day in the Center of Otaku & Sub-culture

View the Tokyo Cityscape from a traditional boat

Tour of Traditional Japanese History & Culture

Shopping & café districts

Image of Yakatabune
By Nesnad – Own work, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=38065398


Dates & Schedule


This programs runs from Sunday, June 7th (check-in) to Saturday, June 20th, 2020 (check-out).
Class times: Monday ~ Friday, 9:00AM ~ 12:00PM
Activities take place on select afternoons. On other days, you will have free time to enjoy Tokyo and Japan!


Program Price


Practical Japanese Conversation Course

¥140,000 JPY +tax (10%)

Price includes:

 Textbook materials and online learning resources
 Activity expenses
 Accommodations for duration of program
 Airport pick-up to your accommodations
 24-hour emergency support
 Visa support & travel consultation
 All administration fees

Price without accommodations:
¥90,000 JPY +tax (10%)

Intensive Japanese Manga

¥155,000 JPY +tax (10%)

Price includes:

 Manga kit (pens, pen tips, black & white ink, tones, etc)
 Activity expenses
 Accommodations for duration of program
 Airport pick-up to your accommodations
 24-hour emergency support
 Visa support & travel consultation
 All administration fees

Price without accommodations:
¥105,000 JPY +tax (10%)

Prices do not include:
Flight to & from Japan, transportation and travel within Japan, and personal expenses, including food costs.


Inquiry & Registration


Please kindly fill out this short form to register for the Special Manga & Japanese Language Program with Maki Shima:


Feel free to tell us more about yourself, your course goals related to learning Japanese or Manga, and any other information you wish to share with us:


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