Yamano Beauty College

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Yamano Beauty College

School Introduction

YAMANO has a history in Japan as a beauty school. The history of YAMANO, which celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2014, has made many strides. The thought and technology for beauty cultivated in the history will be connected to the new era from now on. We will continue our tireless efforts to convey this history and cutting-edge technology, cultivate the pioneers of the next beauty, and make our dreams come true.


Yamano Gakuen's Educational Philosophy
While wishing for the development of the beauty industry in Japan, the school corporation Yamano Gakuen has practiced and educated the five principles of "hair, face, dress, mental beauty, health beauty" as "beauty way". Based on the spirit of this foundation, creating and pursuing a comprehensive "beauty" is our educational philosophy.


Aimed at improving education through theory and practice of beauty based on the "Michido Five Principles" of "hair", "face", "dress", "mental beauty" and "health beauty", it is in a constantly changing and diverse culture The aim is to bring students into beauty leaders and lead them to lifelong learning.


Note that this school’s courses are all offered in Japanese only.

Main Features

School Location

Nearest station: Yoyogi station (JR line, Toei Oedo line)
Distance from station: 1 minute walk.

Nearest station: Shinjuku station (JR line, Keio line, Tokyo metro Marunouchi line, Toei Shinjuku line)
Distance from station: 4~5 minute walk.

The distance from the nearest station (Yoyogi station) to the school is only 1 minute walk. Also this school is located in the center of Tokyo, which means you have an amazing access to fresh and sophisticated latest trend to inspire yourself.

Available Courses

  • Specialized Course
  • Advanced Course
  • Beauticians Correspondence Course
  • Hairdresser National Examination Preparation Course
  • Direct Qualifications through Yamano

Specialized Course

Course Description

An intensive course which trains your basic skills with an aim at using your very own strengths.
Program Duration: 2 years
Class times: 09:00 – 16:00, Monday – Friday
Prerequisites: High School Diploma

Advanced Course

Course Description

A curriculum based on learning directly from active professionals in the top salons, which trains students in developing their own unique style.
Program Duration: 2 years
Class times: 18:00 – 21:30, Monday – Friday
Prerequisites: Junior High School Diploma

Beauticians Correspondence Course

Course Description

A course which trains communication skills needed not only for salon workers but also office workers, university students, high school students, vocational school students, housewives, etc., of varying ages, genders & occupations. This program promises learning for everyone, and aims to prepare all of its students for the Beauticians National Examination, targeting writing & practical skills and delivering mock exams, all founded on the actual exam.
Program Duration: 3 years
Class times: Flexible
Prerequisites: Junior High School Diploma

Hairdresser National Examination Preparation Course

Course Description

This course develops the practical technical skills, knowledge, and mentality required to successfully pass the National Examination for becoming a licensed hairstylist in Japan. The practical element of the course covers everything from learning and performing the basic techniques accurately, honing your skills and improving your speed & efficiency, practising mock tests and conveying confidence in your image for during the real exam. The knowledge part of the course covers understanding the skin & hair, body functions, perms and colour agents, connecting to related technologies and products, preparation for the knowledge portion of the examination through monthly mock exams, ensuring confidence through analysis of previous real examinations and addressing all topic left unclear.

Direct Qualifications through Yamano

Course Description

  • Pivot Point cutting technology education program & qualification
  • Eye designer skills test
  • Color test grade 1 to 3
  • Yamano personal color analyst master course
  • Bridal Beauty Planner
  • Various nail skills certifications
  • Beauty dresser (traditional Japanese clothing; including Kimono Course, etc.)
  • Yamano bride dresser
  • Modern gerontology
  • Welfare cosmetologist qualification
  • Tea ceremony
  • Formal wear specialist
  • Cleanliness Manager
  • Eyelash extension specialist
  • Kimono Profassional
  • Diet Consultation
  • Basic Professional (make-up, hair arranging, nail, color)
  • Technical Professional (cut stylist, technical make-up, hair arrangement specialist, nail technical specialist, salon specialist, bridal specialist)

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