Tokyo School of Music and Dance: Vocalist Program

Tokyo School of Music and Dance: Vocalist Program
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School Introduction

School Staff Support Languages: Japanese
Minimum Course Duration: 3 years

Department Introduction

Singer-Songwriter | Professional Vocalist | Vocals & Dance | K-Pop Artist

This major is for the artist and performer who wishes to convey emotions to audiences with their voice. Students studying in the vocalist program at the Tokyo School of Music and Dance will be trained on everything from vocal technique and vocalization through to practical projects involving life performance in front of an audience. TSM has state-of-the-art facilities, including recording studios, rehearsal rooms, and fully-equipped stages, in addition to a strong and positive presence in the industry with many connections to lead student onto their desired career path.

The Vocalist Program has 4 majors to choose from:

  • Singer-Songwriter (2 years) - This major develops students' vocal abilities in parallel to training music writing and production.
  • Professional Vocalist (2 years) - Students improve their singing abilities and master the art of expression through the voice.
  • Vocals & Dance (2 years) - In this major, students master their technique and performance abilities of singing and dancing together.
  • K-Pop Artist (2 years) - Develop your singing and dancing skills through the music and choreography of Korean Pop Music.

Career Trajectories of the TSM Vocalist Program:

  • Singer-songwriter
  • Vocalist
  • CM song singer
  • Professional Chorus Member
  • Lyricist
  • Composer / Arranger
  • Solo vocalist
  • Unit vocalist
  • Band vocalist
  • Dance & vocalist
  • Gospel & A Capella singer
  • Dancer
  • Talent & Artist
  • Performer
  • Ani-song artist
  • Vocal instructor
  • Temporary song singer
  • Musician
  • Music producer
  • K-POP artist
  • J-POP artist

Main Features

Experiencing the Real Deal
Through many practical-onsite training sessions and in-school events and live performances in professional facilities that feature equipment used in the industry, every part of learning at TSM prepares its students for the real world of performance.

Even if students don’t feel confident, they have ready access to equipment to use for practise, and support from staff and fellow students to develop your skills and talents.

Bring out your unique personality
It is the aim of every instructor at TSM to draw out your personality and polish it so that you can shine as a talent who can win the hearts of fans and industry professionals.

This is what has been found to lead to a successful debut and successful career in the industry with TMS alumni who have since become famous.

Connection to the Industry
The Tokyo School of Music and Dance has established long-standing relationships in the industry and actively connects its students to industry professionals.

In particular, TSM organizes auditions in-house where many industry professionals attend. This provides students not only with real-world experience, but also the opportunity to become recognized. This leads to direct interviews and opportunities.

Leading up to this, TSM supports students with training for the audition and interview, so that students know what is needed for their debut, and know how to appeal to a wide range of people.

Training by talented & successful instructors who are active in the industry
The instructors at TSM are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience and who are active members in well-established bands or well-known artists.

From them you will learn a wide variety of genres, techniques, performance styles, and perspectives.

W Major Curriculum
“W Major Curriculum” is a school policy which gives students the ability to choose classes outside of the program that they decided at the time of admission as well as change majors in order that students can explore different areas and ultimately become more well-rounded artists & performers in the future.
Support to Succeed
The school believes firmly in the development of practical skills that are actually needed in the real world.

Within the program, students receive interview and audition training sessions, portfolio building workshops, and real-life practicums.

Moreover, outside of the program, students have access to admin support for any concerns about their program or classes, as well as career counselling, where qualified staff guide you to find your way in the world as an artist.

School Location

Nearest station: Nishikasai station (Tokyo Metro Tozai line)
Distance from station: 3 minutes walk

The school is located in Nishikasai, where is surrounded by many amusement facilities and also greenery parks, which provide you fresh and clean air, and this area is known as one of the most livable town in Tokyo. Thus we can guarantee that the school location is perfect for those who want to enjoy both study and entertainments during your stay.

Available Courses

  • Curriculum Overview
  • The TSM Debut Support (expanded)
  • Student Support at TSM

Curriculum Overview

Course Description

The secret to singing in a high-pitched, strong voice
Effective design of a song’s performance
How to convey emotions through the voice
Chorus work

Highlighted Curriculum:

Voice Training
Audition Rehearsals
Semi-Private Lessons
Band Ensemble Work
Vocal Showcase
Live band training
Concepts of Harmony
Music Theory & History
Ear Training (rhythm, melody, chords, solfeggio, choral listening and scoring)
Music Copyright
IT Course (SNS, Cloud computing, etc)

The TSM Debut Support (expanded)

Course Description

Bring your complete portfolio to real talent-seeking events with introduction and support from TSM.
24 hours free studio access.
Performance experience through many live performances held at the school.
Live performance opportunities held outside of the school with support to prepare.
Use of state-of-the-art recording facilities with training on how to use it.
Scouting opportunities through COM Debut Bank’s online portfolio and connections in the industry.
Website and flyer production training.
Accelerated improvement through real-world projects.
Network with the many now-successful TSM Alumni at a special event.

Student Support at TSM

Course Description

Artist photography / student headshots, etc
Portfolio development and creation
Registration with the COM DEBUT Bank, an online registrar of student portfolios.
Vocal sample recording
Field experience / Performance
Part-take in talent recruitment events (held twice a year) with support to succeed.
Support for your Debut as a professional
School auditions
Simulated professional auditions
Artist showcase
Personal counseling & post-graduation support

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