Tokyo College of Anime: Anime Voice Actor Program

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School Introduction

The Tokyo College of Anime is one of the leading vocational schools of Animation, E-Sports, and Anime Voice Acting in Japan, with hands-on specialized industry-specific training from top class instructors in modern and fully-equipped facilities.

With a goal that students are able to be successful post-graduation, the courses are collaborative, practical and stimulating, and updated to be in line with the current trends, industry-standard practises and technologies, and most importantly the current demand and needs of the industry. Moreover, Tokyo College of Anime provides job counselling and job search services to its students as well as support to debut and launch their career.

Note that this school’s courses are all offered in Japanese only.
School Staff Support Languages: Japanese
Minimum Course Duration: 2 years

Department Introduction

About the Anime Voice Actor Program

The opportunities that await a passionate and talented person wishing to be a voice actor are endless.

This program aims to fulfill your dream of becoming a voice actor with direct guidance from voice actors currently working in the field. The training entails both physical techniques as well as mental preparation. During the program, students will be involved in a number of projects, performances, as well as work in collaboration with the industry. In addition to Anime, students will have the opportunity to train for a wide variety of voice work, including foreign films, foreign dramas, radio broadcasting and announcer/MC.

After this 2-year program, students will have the experience and tools necessary for the following careers:
  • Anime Voice Actor
  • Idol
  • Narrator
  • Anison (Animation Song) Artist
  • Game Anime Voice Actor
  • Radio Personality


  • Anime Voice Actor Major
    Trains students for the essential role of portraying character and conveying strong emotion which wins the hearts of the audience, which ultimately leads to the success of the anime itself that can become recognized in the world.
  • Voice Actor Artist Major
    There is increasing demand for voice actors to step outside of their comfort zone and take on work what involves singing and dancing as well. This Major is for those who are willing to take this step and develop their skills of performance in front of a live audience using voice, singing, and dancing.
  • Voice Actor & Radio Personality Major
    Every year, there is more and more work for actors who are personalities in a variety of radio and entertainment segments. This Major trains students to be versatile and able to take on a wide variety of voice work in addition to a background in radio personality.
  • Animation Musical Major
    Students take the anime to the stage in this speciality major that develops students talents for performing in Anime Musicals. Students will learn everything from acting, vocal technique and characterization, in addition to training specifically for the casting auditions. Students will begin performing live on stage from the first year, with regular performances being held at the school for each grade each year in both the summer and winter.

All Programs are for 2 years.

See Course Details for specific class information.

Main Features

State-of-the-art facilities
This School has made a lot of investment into having complete and modern facilities and equipment for use both within students’ programs as well as outside of class time in for leisure or club-related activities.

The facilities available to all students include:
Multiple E-Sports Gamer Rooms equipped with high-performance computers, headsets, and game library, as well as an E-Sports Competition Arena with two sets of computers facing one another, and a large monitor, viewing area, and event lighting equipment.
Huge library filled floor to ceiling with Manga and Anime (requires a ladder to reach all of the materials).
Open-style cafeteria complete with inspirational and original student-made artwork and creations.
Quiet reading and working spaces connected to rooftop patio.
Multipurpose rooms hosting events, pop-up galleries, and displays of students’ works.
Shuttle Vans for students to be taken between facilities and to the train station. The Vans are bright yellow with anime on the sides, making for an exciting journey to where you need to go.
Multiple recording studios fully equipped with microphones, mixers, and computers with industry-standard software.
Multiple dance and acting studios with mirrors and chairs.
Various workshop spaces with materials for crafting props, designing and creating costumes, recording sound effects, creating figures, as well as painting and crafting fine-art.
Multiple music practise rooms and recording studios complete with mixers, microphones, and computers with industry-standard software.
Multiple blackbox theatres set up for various purposes including live music performances, stage performances and musicals, dance performances.
Event space with full stage complete with all equipment, lighting and sound used for public and school performances, special guest presentations, and various student-run activities and clubs.
4K TV Recording studio with multiple cameras, monitor, full lighting and backdrop.
Multiple Anime and Manga illustration labs with tablets for each student to transcribe and design their anime work in digital, and studios with individual computers and a main screen monitor for use in the animation process itself.

Highly active student body
The learning environment couldn’t be more stimulating and exciting given the various projects, clubs, and activities that students can be a part of.

In addition to a flexible course selection policy (known as W Major Curriculum), students also organize various clubs and activities based on a wide variety of interests which are open to the students of the school to get involved in. This gives students the additional opportunity to keep active, further develop skills and talents, and form ever-lasting bonds with fellow students of various backgrounds and other majors. The school’s extensive club and extra-curricular activities highlight the spirit of the school.

Clubs include:
Cosplay Club
Anison Dance Club
Voice Recording Afterschool Club
School Radio Broadcasting Club
Idol Troupe
Card Game Club
Singing Club
Hero Action Team (HAT)
Music Band
Stand-up Comedy
E-Sports Club (for non-pros and non-department members also)
Savage Club (survival games)

W-Major Curriculum
This is a school policy that allows students the freedom to take courses and classes that are not related directly to the major that they decided upon registration with the school. This allows students to fully develop in multiple ways and to adjust their learning and curriculum based on their newly-discovered interests. Learning is in the hands of the student, and success is created by being versatile and always expanding your limits. By allowing students to explore the breadth of their skills, students will be all the more equipped to take on multiple jobs post-graduation.

Connection to Industry
Not only do the school’s instructors themselves come from an extensive professional background in the industry, but the school organizes guest lectures with current-day talent and leaders in the industry, as well as organizes collaborative projects between its students and the industry specific to the students’ majors.
Support to succeed in the real world
The courses taught at this school are hands-on & practical, and also ever-evolving with the changes in trends, technology and actual needs of the current-day industry, giving students the experience, knowledge and support they need to immediately transition into the industry as a working professional. In addition to practical education, students are also given a human education, which cultivates their skills of communication through greetings, courteousness, and consideration, in order to gain the trust and respect of those with whom we work. Moreover, students are given additional support in the transition to their careers with job search assistance and one-on-one counselling.

School Location

Nearest station: Nishi-Kasai station (Tokyo Metro tozai line)
Distance from station: 10 minutes walk.

It takes 3o minutes by train from Shinjuku and Shibuya to the nearest station, and this school is surrounded by various shops, where you can enjoy cosplay and card games. Moreover, there are even tons of vocational schools nearby, which is related to an art and entertainment.

Available Courses

  • Curriculum


Course Description

Acting Techniques: vocalization, pronunciation, breathing techniques, and syntony.
Voice Acting: performance, character
Expression: emotionally rich-acting and dynamic expression
Studio Workshops: recording, equipment, recording techniques, editing, narration, radio program segments
Vocal Techniques: voice actor training involving singing, knowledge of music theory, reading music scores.
Dance: introduction to rhythm through various types of dance and linking these with microphone techniques
Voice Actor Artist: narration, singing, using equipment and technology

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