Nippon Denshi Pro-industry Technical College

Nippon Denshi Pro-industry Technical College

School Introduction

Each and every one is 67 years connected to the future. As such, Nippon Denshi seeks to train professionals that the industry needs in anticipation of the future. Nippon Denshi is a general industrial college where approximately 2,500 students study in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Since its foundation in 1951, it has established a total of 25 departments in the game, CG, animation, design, IT, AI, network security, business, electric and electronics fields. We have trained professional creators and engineers who are at the forefront of the times, using our state-of-the-art facilities & equipment, and our experienced instructors. More than 110,000 of our graduates to date have gained recognition in their fields and from society for their achievements. The school consists of 14 buildings in the heart of Shinjuku within walking distance from Shinjuku, Okubo, Shin-Okubo, and Seibu Shinjuku stations.

Main Features

Original Textbook
This school has developed its own textbook which is highly visual and is able to teach in a way that is intuitive.

School Location

Nearest station: Okubo station (JR Sobu line)
Distance from station: 2 minutes walk.

It takes only 2 minutes on foot from Okubo station to the school. In addition, this school is located in Shinjuku, which is famous for not only food or fashion, but also a Japanese-made electronics stores such as Yodobashi Camera, BicCamera, Yamada Denki, and BICQLO.

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