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    This school organizes out-of-school day-trips, excursions and events throughout the year. Not a feature of this school.

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    Space outside of the classroom is available for students to interact casually and/or study. Not a feature of this school.

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School Introduction

JCLI Japanese Language School was established in 1980 and in 2014 has expanded to create additional campuses around the original school. The school now has two campuses in Shinjuku and Okubo, both of which are quite large learning centers with about 1000 students. The school has an area of 800 m2 with spacious hallways, clean and beautiful classrooms, and an open-concept lobby space that are designed to create a comfortable and close, family-like learning environment. The school located near Takadanobaba is in an area famous for being a gathering place of many international students attending universities, professional schools, and the school in Shin-Okubo is great for enjoying the cuisine of many countries, so wherever you decide to study both campuses offer students an interesting experience of daily life outside of the classroom.
Total Number of Students: 926
Class Size: Up to 20 people
School Staff Support Languages: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Russian, Romanian, Hindi.
Minimum Course Duration: 3 months

Main Features

Preparation & support for further study in Japan
Both the homeroom and course teachers thoroughly guide students through the examinations and procedures required for transfer to colleges, universities, and graduate schools through weekly discussions at elective classes. In addition to weekly discussions, a specialist teacher offers one-on-one sessions to each student. There are also 2 major lectures held at the school in May and June, divided by industry (sociology, international studies, economics, tourism, IT), as well as 2 sessions in July-August, providing students with considerable amounts of useful information. Teachers who specialize in post-secondary school entrance exams organize detailed training sessions on the characteristics & content of the exam, and coordinate the exam for the each student who will be taking it. The school also organizes three special seminars each semester on the methods of studying, as a means to encourage students to more effectively study in line with their goals & path.
School tours and classes for student transfer
The school organizes visits to famous universities such as Waseda, Jouchi, Rikkyou, and many hard-to-enter public universities and colleges in Tokyo as well as in other provinces via its International Student Centre. Counsellors who specialize in each school offer job guidance sessions with students. Students who wish to enter a vocational school are able to participate in and experience the actual lessons on campus. The visits to the schools are a complete learning experience designed to help students make the most appropriate decision about their future study.
Home-like learning environment
The school, despite being large, retains a warm atmosphere akin to a family house where students receive top quality & sincere support from their veteran teachers. The school aims to foster close relationships between its students and teachers with opportunities for quality communication every day and so has expanded the common area and library to provide space for a more free interaction. In addition, every 3 months, the school organizes extra-curricular activities such as BBQ parties, aquarium visits, and trips to Disney Land so that students may create fond memories of their time studying abroad.

School Location

Nearest Stations
・3-min walk from Okubo station (JR Chuo line, Sobu)
・5-min walk from Seibushinjuku station (Seibushinjuku line)
・5-min walk from Shinokubo station (JR Yamanote line)
・7-min walk from Shinjuku westgate station (Toei Odeo line)
・10-min walk from Shinjuku station (JR Chuo line, Sobu, Yamanote, Saikyou, Shonanshinjuku, Tokyo metro Marunouchi, ToeiShinjuku, Oedo, Keio, KeioShinjuku, Odakyu)

This school has a school building near the abundant greenery "Oji Kamiya" station in the center of the city.
It is easily accessible to popular places, 11 minutes to the lively "Ueno" station, 14 minutes to the cultural center "Akihabara" station, and 13 minutes to the big city "Ikebukuro" station.

Available Courses

  • Long-term Course (Study Visa)
  • Short-term Course
  • Special courses for summer and winter holidays

Long-term Course (Study Visa)

Tuition Fees

1 Year
Enrollment fees ¥21,600
Admission fees ¥54,000
Tuitions ¥648,000
Document fees, class organization ¥43,200
Equipment, extracurricular activities ¥21,600
Discount information Prepaid for 1 year decrease ¥21,600

Short-term Course

Tuition Fees

2 weeks

Tuition fees ¥37,500
Fees for organizing classes and equipment ¥2,500
Room Fees (including electricity) ¥29,000

3 weeks

Tuition fees ¥43,750
Fees for organizing classes and equipment ¥3,750
Room Fees (including electricity) ¥43,500

4 weeks

Tuition fees ¥50,000
Fees for organizing classes and equipment ¥5,000
Room Fees (including electricity) ¥58,000

6 weeks

Tuition fees ¥62,500
Fees for organizing classes and equipment ¥7,500
Room Fees (including electricity) ¥87,000

8 weeks

Tuition fees ¥75,000
Fees for organizing classes and equipment ¥10,000
Room Fees (including electricity) ¥116,000

10 weeks

Tuition fees ¥87,500
Fees for organizing classes and equipment ¥12,500
Room Fees (including electricity) ¥139,500

12 weeks

Tuition fees ¥100,000
Fees for organizing classes and equipment ¥45,000
Room Fees (including electricity) ¥163,000

Dormitories are mainly?quadruple rooms.

Special courses for summer and winter holidays

Tuition Fees

2 weeks ¥69,000
3 weeks ¥91,000
4 weeks ¥113,000
6 weeks ¥157,000
8 weeks ¥201,000

Student Demographics

24 countries




Nepal, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Taiwan, South Korea, Spain and other countries


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