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If you plan to come to Japan to study Japanese long-term, which means from 6-months to 2 years in length, you will be required to have a student visa. As a requirement for this visa, the Japanese government requires that all international students have achieved their N5-level on the Japanese language test, in order to satisfy this basic language requirement.

The Japan Study Abroad Network is supporting all of our international students who plan to come to Japan to study Japanese by offering this specialized 8-Week N5 Preparation Course program for FREE! This program is intended to boost your self-study and provide all of the supplementary training & and practise guidance necessary to pass the N5-level exam. This course applies to N5-level or beginner level certifications for the JLPT, EJU, NAT-TEST, BJT, J-TEST, TOP-J, and other Japanese language proficiency tests.

This program is held online on Saturdays (Japan Time), so that it can be accessible to the most number of students possible.


Our Program


This program is designed primarily for those who are planning on coming to Japan to study Japanese long-term, for which they will need to take an N5-level, beginner Japanese language test such as the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). As such this program caters to beginner-level students with little to no experience in the language, and can be applicable to you even if you are not intending on taking a language test. Because of time restrictions, this program is intensive, held in a small-group class of only 5 students or less, and is best suited for students who are dedicated and have time for self-study. The classes will train your reading, writing, and listening comprehension skills, in addition to your knowledge of key grammar, that is tested for on the exam.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you learn hiragana and katakana before beginning this course.
Please let us know if you haven’t learned these yet. On the first day, we will be reviewing your reading skills of these two alphabets.


Training areas:

  • Practical testing of your N5-level kanji knoweledge.
  • Key grammar patterns and vocabulary.
  • Listening comprehension.
  • Reading comprehension of test questions, practical sentences and short articles.
  • Writing sentences and paragraphs for short answer-style questions, applying your grammar knowledge and writing skills.


Schedule & Details


Class Schedule
Saturdays from 11:00AM~11:50AM & 12:00PM~12:50PM Japan Time
Lesson Duration
50 minutes each (16 classes total)
Course Length
8 weeks
We collect a deposit of ¥30,000 JPY, which we use toward your Japanese language school expenses.

※We also provide you with textbook and workbook materials at no additional cost, as part of this program.


Our teachers provide personalized reports on each student after each lesson to illustrate your areas of improvement as well as to monitor your progress leading up to the exam date. If you require additional classes or time for study, we can recommend you in affordable private lessons with us.



What you need to begin class


To participate properly in class, you will need:

  • a computer or tablet with a camera and microphone with wifi connectivity for sharing slides & documents
    (phones can only be acceptable for advanced-level students who are able to understand without visual aids)
  • a wifi connection
  • writing materials, including paper and a pen
  • a relatively quiet location so that you can hear your teacher clearly


Benefits of our Online Japanese Programs


Carefully Selected Teachers

We don’t have many teachers, but the ones we do have over 10 years experience teaching Japanese to international students and are highly passionate about helping you achieve your goals!

Affordable Prices

As we hire our teachers directly, you will find that the costs of our specialized programs are less expensive than others.

Our Network & Resources

As a Global Japanese Study Abroad Agency, we are able to support you in various other ways through and beyond this program, including introducing programs, jobs, accommodations and other opportunities in Japan.


Inquiry & Registration


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