NEWS: From Oct 1, International Students and Business people can begin to Enter Japan


As of today, October 1st 2020, the Government of Japan has officially eased the border restrictions to people from all countries around the world. This lifting of the travel ban will now allow international students, family members and short-term business persons to enter Japan. This will not, however, apply to those who are intending on tourism in Japan.

Rules and restrictions apply. Each passenger will be tested before being able to officially make entry, and as a result, only 1000 people are permitted entry into Japan per day. All of those who do enter Japan must undergo self-quarantine for 14 days, and must refrain from using public transportation. In addition, the local Japanese school or company has to make a formal pledge to support these imposed rules.

With this swift change in immigration policies, Japan will begin to see a gradual influx of international people on the streets, marking a big first step in the re-opening of Japan to foreigners.

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