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This test takes a similar format to JLPT but is held up to 6 times a year. You can use this test to prepare for JLPT, or check your progress in more detail. There are approximately 60 overseas offices across Asia that will help you with your application and with issuing certificates.

NAT-TEST has a simple evaluation system, and provides textbooks and clear guidelines. This helps students to prepare not only for the NAT-TEST but also for JLPT and to understand ‘correct’ Japanese more easily.

Official Names

English: Japanese Language NAT-TEST

Japanese: 日本語 NAT-TEST (にほんご なっと てすと / Nihongo Natto Tesuto)

Purpose / Advantages

Evaluate and serve as proof of your practical Japanese language abilities; prepare for JLPT.

Examples of advantages include:
  • Proof of Japanese language ability in certain language schools, universities, specialized schools, and graduate schools: Some language schools use NAT-TEST as proof of language ability for entrance. Results of the test can also help your application to Japanese universities, graduate schools and specialized schools.
  • Prepare for JLPT: NAT-TEST is held 3-6 times a year, more frequently than JLPT which is held only 2 times a year. NAT-TEST and JLPT share the same test format, so the NAT-TEST will help you prepare for JLPT.


None. However, this is designed for non-native Japanese speakers.

Testing dates

Here are the testing dates this year:

Test Month Levels Test Dates 2022 Application Deadlines
Test 1 February All Levels February 13 (Sun) January 14 (Fri)
Test 2 April 2Q to 5Q April 10 (Sun) March 11 (Fri)
Test 3 June All Levels June 12 (Sun) May 13 (Fri)
Test 4 August 2Q to 5Q August 7 (Sun) July 8 (Fri)
Test 5 October All Levels October 23 (Sun) September 23 (Fri)
Test 6 December 2Q to 5Q December 11 (Sun) November 11 (Fri)

The above dates are for the test held in Japan and are taken as reference. Dates and application deadlines outside Japan differ according to testing center and region. Contact the overseas offices for more information.

*Some testing centers may not host on all testing dates

Testing areas

Testing areas in Japan

Tokyo, Osaka

Testing areas outside Japan

China, Vietnam, Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Cambodia, Philippines, India, Thailand, Bhutan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz

Application process

Contact your local office and register. The list of offices (Japan and overseas) can be found here.

Subjects and Format

Levels 1 and 2

  • Reading section: tests your knowledge on vocabulary, grammar and kanji, and your reading abilities.
  • Listening section

Levels 3-5

  • Language knowledge section: vocabulary and kanji
  • Reading section: grammar and reading passages
  • Listening section

Levels and Results

There are 5 levels to this test: Level 1 being the highest level to level 5 being the lowest.

Pass / fail system

To pass the level, you need to score the overall pass mark and score 25% in each section. If you fail to score either of these criteria, you will fail the test.

Official Websites

Official website: http://www.nat-test.com/ (Japanese)
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