NEWS: Japan border closes again due to new coronavirus variant

As of Monday, December 28th, the Japanese government put into effect tighter border restrictions for most foreign nationals […]

NEWS: Japanese Government to increase international students at national universities

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in Japan is planning to allow national universities […]

NEWS: From Oct 1, International Students and Business people can begin to Enter Japan

  As of today, October 1st 2020, the Government of Japan has officially eased the border restrictions to […]

The Government of Japan plans to lift entry bans from October 2020

  Earlier in this month of September, the government of Japan began to consider allowing people from all […]

Free Online Japanese Practical Communication Course

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2-Week Intensive Manga Program

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Private Online Japanese Language Classes

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Special Manga & Japanese Language Program for Thai People with Actress & Model: Maki Shima

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How to Prepare for a Typhoon in Japan

Japan is considerably prone to Typhoons and receives approximately 20 each year, usually between the months of May […]

JOIN US: English-Japanese Language Exchange in Shibuya, Tokyo

As part of our mission to build a community of Japanese and non-Japanese people who can regularly connect […]