Practical Japanese Conversation Program


There is an increasing number of international people travelling to Japan with a desire to learn Japanese that they can use to support their study, work, travel and life. With few courses available that provide the needed practical training within a short amount of time, DEOW is excited to present the Practical Japanese Conversation Program.

This intensive training program, curated by DEOW, provides students with the key phrases and vocabulary that can be used in daily life in Japan. The course takes on a coaching-style approach that emphasizes effective communication through rehearsal in order to develop confidence and muscle memory for when you are in real situations where you want to express yourself to Japanese people and understand them as well.



  • One-of-a-kind Japanese communication coaching program that combines learning Japanese language with experiencing Japanese culture; This is not just a classroom Japanese language program, but rather a language-culture experience where students also go out into the real world of Japan and use what they learned with Japanese locals, with support & guidance from their Japanese language coach.
  • Trains naturally-spoken language used in everyday life in Japan, and provides students with sentences that are relevant to them, according to their interests and goals.
  • Small class, intensive course where students are active learners and can achieve real results within as little as 2 weeks.




Although learning grammar and reading are important in the long-term studying of any language, many students undergo years of learning in classroom settings without being able to speak effectively. This comes at a loss, for verbal communication allows you to connect with the local people and explore more of the culture. In the case of Japan, our goal in this course is to help you communicate better, so that you are all the more enabled to explore everything that Japan has to offer.

There is an expression in the English language that is familiar to many people and commonly used in reference to languages: If you don’t use it, you lose it. It follows then, that if what students learn is useful, then they will be able to use it, and if they can use it, they will remember it. On the contrary, if students leave the classroom unable to concretely state what they have learned, then it is unlikely that they will be able to use it, and thus it will be likely be forgotten and need to be trained again. Training language which is practical is therefore more efficient.

With this understanding and philosophy, DEOW is proud to present the Practical Japanese Conversation Program, which addresses the growing need for efficient and effective training so that students can spend less time studying and more time communicating and connecting with people in their everyday life.


Course Overview



Our innovative program takes you outside of the classroom and in real situations with everyday people. This is the ultimate way to assess your abilities and have a real cultural experience while learning Japanese as a tool to connect with people.

Focusing on useful Japanese ensures that your bases are convered, whether your goals are to undergo further studies, work or find employment, engage in cultural tourism, or live in Japan in the long term.

Language Coaching is a way of training a language as you would a musical instrument or sport: something to be used in the real world, which gets better through practise and has a goal or purpose. Because your purpose for using Japanese is going to be unique to you, we emhasize learning content that is important for you. As such, we tailor content and customize homework, depending on your needs.

Learn in a class of only 2-4 students. This semi-private class size ensures that you are constantly engaged, actively supported, and effectively learning at all times. This is the ideal workshop-style learning environment where you are free to ask questions and receive support every time you need it.

Start on any monday and choose how long you wish to study, from 2 weeks to 12 weeks, according to how much time you have to learn.

As a global student agency headquartered in Tokyo, we are here to support you on every step of your journey. This includes bringing you from the airport to your accommodations, as well as providing you a DATA SIM card, visa consultation, 24-hour emergency support while in Japan, and other important information about Japan that will ensure a safe and comfortable experience for you from when you arrive.



Training Areas


Topics include:

  • Greetings and common expressions
  • Talking about dates & schedule, and making plans with others
  • Seeking understanding and confirmation
  • Everyday small talk
  • Introducing yourself; your family, goals and interests
  • Asking for directions and help
  • Ordering at restaurants, cafes, fast-food service restaurants
  • Making phone reservations for restaurants and hospitals
  • Shopping & making payments
  • Networking and connecting with others
  • Expressing your ideas & opinions
  • Understanding & expressing emotions on a deeper level


Program Timetable


Course Start: Every week starting on Monday (students can flexibly choose the week they wish to start)
Class Times: Beginners 09:00-12:00; Intermediate 13:00-16:00 Monday to Friday.
Program Duration: From 2 to 12 weeks (2 weeks is the minimum)


Program Tuition


Duration Tuition
(includes accommodations*)
2 weeks ¥100,000
3 weeks ¥140,000
4 weeks ¥180,000 recommended for getting started in Japan
5 weeks ¥220,000
6 weeks ¥260,000
7 weeks ¥300,000
8 weeks ¥340,000 recommended for having good conversations
9 weeks ¥380,000
10 weeks ¥420,000
11 weeks ¥460,000
12 weeks ¥500,000 recommended for making a life in Japan

*Pricing without accommodations is also available. Please ask us to learn more.
All above fees are in JPY and subject to tax [10%].

Tuition includes:

  • Course materials
  • Administration fees
  • Accommodations, which are provided from the Sunday before your 1st Monday until the Saturday after your last Friday
  • 24-hour DEOW Agency Support & Guidance
  • Visa support & consultation
  • Optional: Airport pickup to your accommodations (¥20,000)

NOTE: Students will be required to cover the costs of food, travel to and from Japan, daily commute and travel within Japan, and any other personal expenses. We will also ask that all students obtain Emergency Medical Insurance before or by the time they land in Japan.




Students will be provided accommodations for the duration of the program.

Each student will be given a private room in a shared dormitory in a peaceful neighbourhood in Saitama, located directly north of central Tokyo and directly accessible to the school in Shibuya.


School and Area



The school is located in the ever-exciting area of Shibuya, one of Japan’s major international hubs located in the heart of Tokyo and accessible to virtually all the areas of the city. It is a hotspot for fashion, entertainment and dining, where people can find Japan’s major department stores, large shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment centres. Shibuya is also the home of the iconic statue of Hachiko, one of the most popular meet-up points for friends, and the world famous Shibuya Crossing where every change of the lights signals one of the largest crossings of people in Japan if not the world, sending people in all directions to their desired destinations in the city.

The school is located approximately 5 minutes from Shibuya station on foot just behind the well-known Hikarie building and across the street from the DEOW Tokyo Office.


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